ercan ağirbaş

Ercan Ağırbaş is co-founder of AĞIRBAŞ EITTORF FRIENDS,
Architecture & Urban Planning.

Before establishing his own architecture practice with Frank Eittorf in 2013, he was head of „Ağırbaş / Wienstroer – Architektur und Stadtplanung“ from 1995 to 2013 in Neuss. His award winning works have been published in various international books and journals and have also gained recognition through a number of exhibitions in Germany and abroad.

Ercan Ağırbaş has lectured and acted as a guest critic at numerous institutions in Germany and abroad. Among other schools, he taught for more than three years at Hochschule Bochum before being appointed as a professor (Vertretungsprofessur) at PBSA Düsseldorf from 2005 to 2009. After one year of lecturing experience at UCLA in 2014 (University of California, Los Angeles) and in 2016 at the RWTH Aachen he is now teaching at GUtech in Maskat, Oman.

He studied in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, received his ‚Vordiplom‘ at TU Berlin and his „Diplom“ of Architecture at ETH Zürich.

As planner, architect (ETH Zürich) and professor, he continues his work on several private and public projects dealing with the relationship between art, design, architecture and engineering, together with his partner Frank Eittorf.

frank eittorf

Frank Eittorf is co-founder of AĞIRBAŞ EITTORF FRIENDS,
Architecture & Urban Planning.

In 1996, he completed his apprenticeship as a mason with the Association ‚Les Compagnons du Devoir‘ in Marseille, France.
Frank Eittorf studied at Hochschule Bochum, University of Applied Sciences and Ecole d‘Architecture de Nantes, Technical University obtaining his architectural diploma in 2006 at Hochschule Bochum.
He continued his studies in the ‚Baukunstklasse‘ at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, obtaining his second diploma in 2010.

He worked in different countries and offices, mostly in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Turkey. Apart from his native language German, he speaks fluent English and French.

Being interested in both academic research and project developments, Frank Eittorf started his career as university teacher at Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Düsseldorf, Hochschule Bochum, Leibniz Universität Hannover, École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Ben Guerir, Morocco. Frank Eittorf is now teaching at the German University in Cairo, Egypt. At the same time he developed several private and public projects in France, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey and Germany about the relationship between art, design, architecture and engineering, together with his partner Ercan Ağırbaş.